Our Model

EDSC is fielding (no pun intended) requests for information from across the country on a regular basis.

Currently the organization is evaluating future directions.  One area of exploration is producing material that would be of assistance to other community groups looking to establish their own take on intentional community and who might find the experience gained in Elmira helpful.

With that in mind EDSC has been documenting it’s journey: all twists and turns, setbacks, workarounds and unexpected windfalls that happened in between the first Snow Goose proposal in 2007 and tenants moving into building number four of the Field of Dreams early in 2018.

If you are interested in learning more about the Elmira Intentional Community model, please contact us.

If interested contact Greg Bechard Cell – 519-895-6606

Email: gbechard@elmirasupportivehousing.com