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Creative Housing and Student Opportunities

October 2, 2017 (Canada National Housing Strategy)

"Greg Bechard is an affordable housing entrepreneur and the executive director of Elmira Developmental Support Corporation. Over the last decade, with the support of his board of directors, Greg has developed a unique business model for affordable housing. The model blends student opportunities, community development and new technology. The result is Field of Dreams, an innovative approach to community living."

"Located in Elmira, Ontario, Field of Dreams offers supportive yet independent living for people with intellectual challenges. Tenants moved into Phase 1 in 2014, Phase 2 in 2016, and more will move in when Phase 3 opens in January 2018. Each building has 4 to 5 men and women with intellectual disabilities and 2 to 3 “Good Neighbours.”

Toronto Star - Dream Neighbours

April 6, 2018 (LIFE)

"When social worker Robyn Horst suffered a medical issue that prevented her from driving for five months, she relied on family and friends to help her get around.

One of them was John Bish, a developmentally disabled tenant in the same small apartment complex as Horst in Elmira, Ont. He pitched in by driving Horst to the grocery store.

The two met at Field of Dreams, an innovative housing model that gives people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to live independently. Horst is one of two Good Neighbours in the building, providing passive supports, such as an overnight presence to alleviate safety concerns, and offering the type of caring, courtesy and support a typical neighbour would provide."

Toronto Star - An affordable place to call home

April 16, 2018 (Editorial)

"When Dorothy wanted to leave the Land of Oz and return to the comfort and safety of home, all it took was a phrase — “there’s no place like home” — and three clicks of her ruby slippers. If only it were that easy for everyone else.

For far too many Canadians there’s no magic that can transport them to such a home.

A place to live is one of our most basic needs. But finding appropriate housing, at a price they can afford, is one of the biggest challenges in communities right across the country."

The Record - Field of Dreams set to grow again

April 17, 2018

"Tucked into a typical subdivision at the northwest corner of Elmira sits a community housing project that's anything by typical.

Field of Dreams is an apartment complex of three separate buildings that gives adults with intellectual disabilities the chance to live independently, to be part of a larger supportive community, and to build an independent life of their own."